I’m really delighted to be a featured soloist with my esteemed colleagues in Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra’s 2017-2018 season!  A Recorder Romp celebrates the instrument with concertos, chamber music and a solo or two by Vivaldi, Telemann and Van Eyck. New Music Director Elisa Citterio will also play Vivaldi’s Spring concerto from the Four Seasons. More info is here:

BAROQUE WANDERERS, Part 2: Last summer my partner Colin and I hosted a Baroque-music-themed trip to northern Germany – Halle, Leipzig and Berlin – to hear some fantastic concerts and soak up the beautiful architecture, galleries and museums, good food…We had a great time with eighteen enthusiastic music lovers (and Taylor the service dog!). NEWS FLASH – we’re doing it again in August 2018, but this time to Bruges (Belgium), Amsterdam and Naestved (Denmark)! If you’re interested in hearing more and perhaps joining us, write to our travel agent William Andrews at

Breathe, a CD of chamber music by James Rolfe, was officially released in October 2017. A release by the Canadian Music Centre, the CD includes his cantata Europa and the mini-opera Anaeas and Dido (both written for and premiered by the Toronto Masque Theatre), and his chamber piece Breathe (written for Soundstreams and premiered by Trio Medieval and the Toronto Concert). Beautiful pieces, and recording them was a great pleasure! [Click twice on the images for a bigger view of the teams.]

Toronto Consort’s newest CD on the Marquis Label is out! The Italian Queen of France features repertoire from the 16th-century court of Catherine de Medici and her sons. Pick up a copy at our Navidad shows on December 8, 9 and 10, 2017. For more info: